Saturday, October 20, 2007

Saturn ION Sedan Ready for Personalization

by: Terry Brown

The all new Saturn ION sedan has been redesigned and restyled so as to bring about a new kind of energy and enthusiasm in the small car segment. This is because the Saturn ION sedan has combined innovation, first class features and a great variety of options in just one car. By doing such, the market is given a new car to drool over and to aspire for.

Parts and accessories for Saturn vehicles are available at Auto Parts Information. Saturn owners and aficionados, as well as interested parties can access the site any time they choose. Upon accessing the site, one could find a large array of Saturn auto parts and accessories and one could choose which ones are compatible for their vehicle’s needs. The advantage of using Saturn parts and accessories is that these are especially designed to work well with all Saturn cars. Therefore, it is ensured that your purchase holds performance and maximized workability out of the parts and accessories from Auto Parts Information also offers car parts which are continuously being improved upon so as to ensure quality service and performance.
During its introduction, the Saturn ION sedan actually replaced the Saturn S series which was a pioneer in the brand’s line up of vehicle models. Even for a vehicle in the small car segment, the Saturn ION sedan seems to be quite exceptional for it has been crafted to be very much refined and sophisticated despite the limited space. And despite the size, this vehicle is also very functional. This vehicle model holds four doors. They have actually been built on the new General Motors’ Delta global small car architecture.

Saturn has certainly made sure that the Saturn ION sedan would be able to pull in and attract the younger generation. That is why the Saturn ION sedan’s design is fresh and modern. And the company believes that the way to bring in the young buyers would be to market a vehicle that looks like it is ready to be personalized. And to add to the glamour and the appeal, Saturn made personal accent kits available for this vehicle. Options for this vehicle when it comes to personalization include interchangeable roof rails which are really color coordinated with the interior trim kits. The center mounted instrument panel, shifter, and the HVAC control panel also could be personalized and interchanged, whatever the option of the owner.

Are you thinking about the safety of the Saturn ION sedan? The Saturn ION sedan actually holds a ton of safety features. It has a structural design that is one of the leaders. This type of structural design actually provides a safe foundation for the vehicle. The space frame also has been crafted with front and rear crush zones that assist in absorbing the energy of a crash while at the same time protecting the integrity of the safety cage. That means ultimate safety for the passengers inside.

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Terry Brown is a 32 year old from Houston Texas, and an enthusiast for anything auto-related. He currently writes auto-related articles for several publications.

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Friday, October 19, 2007

Budget Conscious; What are the Benefits of Repowering a Utility Golf Cart with a Kohler Engine?

by: Ben Anton

These days, maintaining a fleet of golf carts and utility vehicles is more likely to be a matter of topping up battery cells than checking spark plugs and mixing fuel and oil. The vast majority of golf carts sold in the past decade or so has been electric. Electric golf carts, goes the traditional wisdom, are cheaper to maintain, easier to manage and less trouble in the long run than the models powered by small gas engines.

Despite the popularity of electric golf carts, however, most pros agree that there are some jobs that require the power of a good gas engine. It’s not unusual for most course fleets to include at least a few gas golf carts that have been converted to utility vehicles for hauling and other purposes. What do you do when the motor on one of those starts to go?

It used to be easy to replace those with a used utility or golf cart when the engine started to go – but not anymore. Used and rebuilt gas-powered golf carts are rare – and replacing them with a new gas-powered cart could run you between $12,000 and $20,000.

The solution is simple. Don’t replace – repower. The decision to repower a utility vehicle that you currently own rather than replacing it with a new vehicle makes sound sense in a number of ways.

1. By repowering a vehicle that you own, you extend the useful life of that vehicle or piece of equipment. There’s no need to scrap a perfectly good piece of equipment that just needs a bit of a boost in the engine department.

2. Repowering a vehicle with a new motor can expand its usefulness. You can turn an old golf cart into an all-purpose hauler or plow by fitting it with a more powerful engine.

3. You get a new warranty for your new upgraded engine. Depending on the dealer, you may find a Kohler engine repower kit that contains all you need to upgrade and includes a two-year warranty, or a Honda small engine to replace one that’s on its last legs, with a warranty for parts for up to two years.

4. A repower Kohler engine or other small engine could save you money on fuel, especially if you upgrade to a cleaner burning fuel. And it will certainly be kinder to the environment.

5. Speaking of kinder to the environment, check your state’s grants and proposals web site if you’re considering replacing old motor equipment. Many states offer substantial incentives if you choose to repower a high-emissions piece of equipment with a lower-emissions engine. The same holds true if you choose to refit an engine with after-market parts to reduce its emissions. In some cases, you can even apply for a reimbursement grant that will pay for a repower engine or the refit parts, along with any parts needed to fit the new engine into your tractor or utility vehicle.

6. If your new repower engine does need repair, it will be far easier to get parts for a current engine than for an older model. Spare parts support is yet another reason to upgrade your engine with a repower.

Repowering is also an excellent way to update your greens-keeping equipment. Little has changed in the business end of mowers, rakers and other turfcare equipment. Why replace a piece of equipment that’s in virtually excellent condition when a repower kit will upgrade it and keep it running in tiptop shape for years to come? Kohler makes repower kits for Toro, Jacobsen, Club Car and Cushman turf care equipment. Each kit comes with everything you need to drop a new engine into your trusted machine and update it to perfect working order.

© Ben Anton, 2006
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Ben Anton, Portland, OR

This article was written for, by Labworks Design, a web design and marketing company, based in Portland, OR.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Volvo 780: Descendant to the 262 C

by: Kevin Anderson

The International Auto Show in Geneva, Switzerland became witness and venue of the public debut of the Volvo 780 coupe. This big and grand event happened in 1985. The Volvo 780 was the second 2 + 2 seater coupe from the company’s line up of vehicles. It has been four years since the 2 + 2 seater coupe Volvo 262 C waved goodbye. The Volvo 780 sports two doors. After a year, this coupe was then made available for the European market while the United States market had to wait for another year more.

Carrozzeria Bertone from Turin in Italy designed, crafted, and built the Volvo 780. It was also through Bertone’s creative mind and hands that the Volvo 780’s predecessor came into being. To make the Volvo 780 distinct from any other vehicle, and very much unlike its ancestor, this vehicle was built to own it a uniquely distinct shape. Even if it held that look, it still was very much identifiable as a Volvo. This coupe held a sleek and low profile that was what other cars from Volvo’s 700 series. However, it held lesser severe angles and sharp corners. Compared to the vehicles from the 700 series, the Volvo 780 held slightly lowered hoods, trunks, and roof lines. The C pillar used to built this vehicle was wider and held a more gradual slope down to its trunk. There also was some improvement on its headroom. The window frames of this vehicle all held a black matte trim and had been accented with chrome. Chrome was also used in highlighting the car’s door handles, bumpers, as well as its side mouldings.

As per the headlamps that this vehicle held, they were made and designed to be huge and flush-mounted. It had combined both high and low halogen beams. As per the grille of the Volvo 780, it was painted black in an “egg-crate” design. Look into the air dam and you would discover that fog lamps had been integrated into it. This vehicle actually received some badges that contained its name as well as it’s brand’s logo. These badges appear on the base of the C pillars. Upon introduction, the Volvo 780 held wide 205/60 HR15 tires. These were found on the brand’s signature 15 inch alloy wheels that held 15 spokes.

Try taking a quick visit in the interior and cabin of the Volvo 780 and you would see for yourself just how greatly and grandly had this vehicle been designed. The vehicle had an instrument cluster and general dashboard layout that was simple enough. Birch burl wood accents with a high-glass finish highlighted the dashboard and door panels. The seats were contoured and sculpted bucket seats that had headrests that were height-adjustable. also strives to preserve the wonderful qualities in delivering only the best Volvo 780 parts, performance parts, OEM parts, aftermarket parts, and accessories. As many customers are satisfied with Volvo parts, Volvo Parts and Used Volvo Parts has been the top choice of millions of Volvo owners for many years.

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Kevin Anderson

As a former news correspondents for an auto-related websites, Kevin has gathered extensive knowledge and experience in the automotive inddustry. This 34 year old father of three from Pennsylvania is a genuine car lover.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Bimmer’s Bavaria

by: Jennifer Dylan

If the Ford Motor Company is the big corporate umbrella which gives shelter to the Buick, Pontiac, and Cadillac among others, then it could be said that BMW AG works the same way for the BMW MINI, and for the Rolls-Royce brands. The Rover also used to be a part of this big mother ship. BMW AG is actually an abbreviation for “Baverische Motoren Werke AG”. This is German for “Bavarian Motor Works”. This company not only manufactures vehicles and cars but also motorcycles as well. The main competitors and competition for this vehicle brand include the Acura, the Alfa Romeo, the Audi, the Cadillac, the Infiniti, the Jaguar, the Lexus, and the Mercedes Benz.

When it comes to pronouncing the acronym of this company, in its motherland, it is pronounced as “bay emm vay”. However, travel to North American and other regions like Jamaica, the brand is referred to as “bimmers”. Try to refer to BMW motorcycles and the slang for that would be “beamer” or “beemer”. In Greece, the acronym is referred to as “Beba”, in Arab countries it is “BM”, and in Serbia they say “Bembara”. In the English language, BMW AG has a tagline that states, “The Ultimate Driving Machine” and “Sheer Driving Pleasure”. The original slogan, though, for this which is in German is “Freude am Fahren” which when translated to English literally means “Joy in Driving”.

One of these bimmers is the BMW Bavaria. People who have looked deeper into its lifetime has exclaimed that it is perhaps one of the most misunderstood cars of the whole line up of BMW. It is just known as just a relative of the E9 coupe, and has four doors and that would be it. What most people do not recognize is that this vehicle even has the very same drivetrain with the aforementioned BMW E9 coupe. Their drivetrains hold six cylinders and are actually one of the smoothest in the whole business. Aside from that, this vehicle is one of the most stylish vehicles ever created by the BMW line. If a person has the ability to catch one of these today, it would be considered a great bargain. It has a subtle style and a boundless beauty. This vehicle makes every other vehicle in the market at present look generic and ordinary.

The BMW Bavaria was a part of the BMW E3 line. This vehicle was the first among its line that held a 3 liter engine. In essence, it was a machine with 2800 cc which had somewhat become a trend during that time among BMW vehicles. However, the difference was that the BMW Bavaria came without the leather upholstery, without the power equipment and without the funky Nivomat self-leveling suspension. Of course, the price did not remain to be the very same as that of the E3s. The price of this vehicle was noticeably lower. with its supercharged line up of innovative BMW parts plays an integral part for accessories and customization needs for your vehicle. Their superior auto accessories and quality BMW Bavaria parts could push this next generation of BMWs to another level of personalization and design.

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Jennifer Dylan is a 35-year-old gal who hails from San Francisco. She has a habit of updating herself on new car trends and models. She spends most of her time reading up on cars and hopes to test drive them. She works for one of the topnotch car parts dealer in the U.S.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

BMW M: Not Just Another Sports Car

by: Shane Morgay

What is a sports car? There have already been quite a few personal definitions to what a sports car sounds to them. However, for most people, a sports car is a BMW.

BMW now adds up yet another product to their still growing family of vehicles. And right now, the new addition is the 2006 BMW M. It is a roadster. And it just goes to show that BMW meant business for this car. Its past shows a colorful BMW tradition as well as an in-depth research before it was actually constructed. Just go through its stretched engine compartment, its long wheelbase, its short tail, and its two low set of seats that all in all provides a high powered and very passionate driving experience, and one would be able to picture that, indeed, BMW is yet on the road, again, to success.

What are the features of the BMW M roadster? Well, for power, it has a front engine and a rear wheel drive system. Its engine is a DOHC in line engine with 24 valves. It is an iron block with an aluminum head. It can displace 192 cubic inches or some 3152 cc. It also has the capacity to produce some 240 bhp at 6000 rpm. Aside form that, it also has a five speed manual transmission. The suspension is provided in two options. The first is the independent front suspension. It has damper struts, lower control arms, coil springs, and an anti-roll bar. As per the other one, it is an independent rear suspension with dampers, semi-trailing arms, coil springs, and anti-roll bars.

How large is the BMW M? It measures some 96.8 inches for its wheelbase. Its rear is 55.0 inches. It has a curb weight of 3084 pounds, plus a fuel capacity of 13.5 gallons. If you want to put in some cargo, you can always do so for it has a meager cargo capacity of 5.1 cubic feet.

The steering of this roadster is a rack and pinion one with variable ratio and is variable power assisted. It has a turning circle of 34.1 feet. The brakes are vented discs for both the front and the rear. There is also the anti lock braking system. As per the wheels and tires of this vehicle, the BMW M comes equipped with 17 x 7.5 inches front and 17 x 9.0 inches rear cast aluminum wheels. There also are 225/45ZR-17 tires for the front and 245/40ZR-17 tires for the rear. These are both Michelin Pilot SX MXX3 tires.

As BMW ventures into high and advanced technology as well as great performance in their sports cars and other upcoming vehicles, never stops delivering top of the line BMW replacement parts as part of its commitment to its loyal customers worldwide. Rallying behind BMW’s philosophy of producing only the best in the industry, Auto Accessories Giant with its wide array of impressive BMW accessories gives it customer’s genuine quality BMW products at guaranteed low prices.

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Shane Morgay is a 34-year-old native of Ohio. She love cars and knows detailed information about them. She has a collection of miniature car collectibles and would love to have these collectibles become real ones. She works for a car part supplier most days of the week.

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Monday, October 15, 2007

Do you have sleep insurance?

by: Aaron Hoos

Sleep insurance is not a policy you can take out on your slumber. It’s not an insurance policy sold to insomniacs. Rather, it’s something that lets you sleep at night.

Without it, you’ll lose sleep worrying about it.

Here’s what we mean: While you’re driving to work, count the number of auto repair shops. There’s a lot, aren’t there? There are! After all, we live in a world that relies heavily on our car. Now think about how they stay in business: from cars breaking down. That’s a lot of cars breaking down.

Now think about this: what will you do when your car breaks down? (Yes, you’ll bring it to the garage… then what?) Will you be able to afford the repairs when you get the bill? When your car’s in the shop, will you be able to sleep at night or will you lay awake, worrying about the price? That’s what we mean by sleep insurance.

Sleep insurance is a warranty on your car.

You car is your lifeline. You need it to live. Everyone does! Do you drive to and from work? Do you use your car to go where the party is? Do you drive your kids to school or soccer practice? Whatever you do in your busy life, you rely on your car to get your there. What would happen if you didn't have a car?

Owning a car can be a challenge! An auto warranty is one way to have peace of mind if you own a car. It allows you to add a guarantee to your vehicle. After all, that vehicle is your lifeline.

The city bus is crowded. Cycling isn't an option in your business attire. Who walks anywhere? You need your car to live. Like air and food, our cars help us survive: they get us to work so we can afford a roof over our head and food on the table.

An auto warranty is exactly the thing you need to keep your wheels rolling and your life on track. Without it, you could be faced with the prospect of a broken down vehicle and a difficult spiral to get out of: No car... no work. No work... not enough money to fix your car. No money to fix your car... No car.

That's no way to live.

You need peace of mind. You need to be able to sleep at night. You need to have the assurance that when you go out to work the next day, your car will start. And if it doesn't start, you need the peace of mind that the repairs will be affordable and get you "up and running" really soon.

If you don't have one, how will you afford the next breakdown? How will you sleep when your car is in the shop?

About The Author

Aaron Hoos is a freelance business and financial writer. This article was written for

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Finding Cheap Auto Parts

by: John Rivers

Running a car can be an expensive business these days, especially with the continually rising cost of petrol/gas. The last thing that most car owners need is the added expense of replacing worn out parts. The majority of people rely on their local auto shop to find the parts, and then fit them. There is a far cheaper way, and that is to source your own parts from an auto salvage yard.

Auto salvage yards, as their name suggests, specialise in salvaging autos, or more specifically auto parts. The way that they work is simple; they take junk cars and strip them down, keeping any parts that are still in working order. These parts are then sold to anyone who wants to buy them at a much lower price than a new part would be. You could find the part that you are looking for, and save yourself a lot of money. Of course, it would be ideal if you could fit the part on your car yourself, but just buying the part from an auto salvage yard can save you a considerable amount even if you have to pay a mechanic to fit it.

The key to buying from an auto salvage yard is to spend a lot of time looking for the part that you need. There may be a lot, or a little, but you should always shop around to find the best part for you. Some auto salvage yards will recondition parts, while others will simply sell them ‘as seen’. If you don’t know much about cars it is a good idea to take a friend with you who does. The last thing you want to do is to buy a part from an auto salvage yard and think that you have found a bargain, but then find that it isn’t the right part for your car or not in working order.

The other way that you can use an auto salvage yard is to actually sell them your scrap car. All cars eventually reach the end of their working life, but you may find that you might get a little money from a salvage yard for your rusting hulk. At the end of the day, that’s better than nothing. Be prepared to negotiate a price and don’t take the first offer that they make you.

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John Rivers is editor of Car Auction Plaza. Get information on finding the car of your dreams for the price of your dreams.